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    Porn Sex vs Real Sex: The Differences Explained

    Ha, I will never look at Nutella and bananas the same again… 


    (via porn4ladies)

    HAHA, not quite but I can understand their sentiment.

    (via sinnergirl-deactivated20140103)

    May is the month for pleasuring yourself!! 

    Wait, what about the rest of the months? Is it against the rules to masturbate in June? Whatever, we will break the rules anyway.

    (via unlimitedpathways)

    I do tend to like books with boobs, but also have an affinity for boobs with books too.

    Ha, what if the next “Grow Boobs Miracle Method” was to read more good books, not talking the Shades of Grey stuff. Real reads by real authors = Fuller perkier breasts. Hmmm…


    boobs o books?? BOOKS ♥

    Blow job or ice cream? Great erotic photography that really makes the mind wander…. I know what you are thinking, I need some ice cream now too.

    (via disimba)

    Flashing a security camera, brilliant. Looking around for a security camera….

    I am sure this would make the security guards week extremely memorable. I wonder what else security guards see? Anyone good stories out there?

    HAHA, love alphabet magnets. Any innocent kids toy that can potentially be used in a naughty matter is priceless. This would be great to come home to!

    Side comment / pet peeve, fridges without magnetic fronts really do suck. Most of these “stainless steel” ice boxes fail to hold up our naughty magnets. Only the side does. Grrrr

    What do doctors, prostitutes and TSA agents have in common? They get paid to touch your junk. Soon I will have to pay one of these people to touch my junk. Airport here I come…fun times.

    - The OGB Guy

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