We are a small online adult boutique run by a nerdy-smart couple. Enjoy our blog finds and please go by for the naughty wares.


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    Fem bot, well sort of. I like that they used two dials to make the nipples. Nice touch.

    Because it is funny, using fruit to cover our human naughty bits. Why the limes though? No cantaloupes avail? He scored with a banana..maybe should have peeled it a bit though.

    Fishing off of a surfboard. Fun.

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    "Learning to play with a lion’s testicles." REAL book by Melissa Haynes. Wow, great title.


    Makes you wonder what Melissa did in Africa.
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    Damn, I love this game. Lol

    Handcuffs, whip cream, chocolate syrup…brilliant. What about a travel sized wet wipe display too because it is going to get MESSY.


    Stock boy, I see what you did there…
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    Love the contrast in this nude selfie! Brilliant, I have never seen form like that before. 



    She is stuck, or a ninja. Her outfit certainly doesn’t say ninja OR ninjette for that matter.

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    Do we ask the wrong questions on first dates? Do we remember the wrong things from early on in our lifelong relationships? How was the first blowjob / pussy eating? Good, so-so?


    Watch it in video

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    Cards should be obeyed.


    Happily, love. Happily.

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