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    Ever wish you tasted like the inside of a cotton candy machine?

    Well, here’s your chance! Won’t he (or she!) be excited when they come home and you’re dressed in nothing but a bra, panties and handcuffs? And won’t it get even better when they realize that their joy (and yours!) will go on even longer as they eats their way to your naughty bits? They better have a voracious appetite / sweet tooth to get through these goodies in order to get to your goodies. 

    Make this naughty candy coated dream reality! Get your set for only $15 smackers AND get a free naughty door hanger at the same time. What a deal! (I Like Candy!)

    -The OGB Girl

    ps. Make sure to brush your teeth when you are through, we don’t want to promote bad dental hygiene! 

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